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Tuesday Evening is the NRA Range "Special Event" Night!

Each Tuesday night, the NRA Range offers a different fun-filled action shooting event. Cowboy Action, IDPA, IPSC, 3 Gun, mixed matches, classes and seminars are some of the events you will find on Tuesday Nights. Check the calendar below for dates and times, or call (703) 267-1400 for more details.

Join An NRA Shooting Competition League!

Sharpen your shooting skill and meet other local shooters as a member of one of the NRA's shooting leagues! Monday nights, beginning at 6 p.m., the Metropolitan Pistol League meets for bullseye competition with .22 pistol. Sunday nights (September through April), beginning at 7 p.m., the Acorns, a junior league, meet for smallbore rifle competition. There's no need to be an expert - with handicap levels for every class of shooter, you win by competing against yourself. So come on out for wholesome fun, fellowship and friendly competition!

NRA Range Classroom

Classes and Seminars

The NRA Range offers a wide variety of classes and seminars for the shooting enthusiast. From the NRA Basic Firearm course to "how-to" classes, to more advanced courses in several disciplines, the NRA Range offers it all. Classes are taught by professional NRA Certified Firearms Instructors. Call (703) 267-1400 for more details.

August 2014
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UTAH Course

First Steps Pistol Course 6-10pm

Utah CCW 7-10pm

One-on-One Instruction 6-10pm

First Steps Pistol Course 6-10pm

Cowboy Action 5-10pm

UTAH Course 5-10pm
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Juniors Rifle Clinic 6-10pm

IPSC Signup 9am

KSTG Signup 9am

Juniors Rifle Clinic 6-10pm

Juniors Rifle Clinic 6-10pm
13 14

UTAH Course 5-10pm
15 16

Competition Pistol Clinic 6-10pm

Competition Pistol Clinic 6-10pm

IPSC Match 5-11pm
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Ear Inc. Custom Molded Ear Plugs 8am-1pm

Competition Pistol Clinic 6-10pm

Competition Pistol Clinic 6-10pm

Kinda-Sorta Tactical Game 5-11pm

UTAH Course 5-10pm

Law Enforcement HR-218 Qualification 3-5pm

Law Enforcement HR-218 Qualification 3-5pm
29 30