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Frequently Asked Questions

Firearms FAQs

Does The NRA Range rent firearms?

No. We do not offer any firearm rentals and require all shooters to provide their own guns, or come with someone who owns them (Ex: relative, friend, Instructor, etc.).

Does The NRA Range have an FFL or sell firearms?

No, we do not have an FFL or sell firearms.

What firearms can I shoot at The NRA Range?

You can shoot pistols of any caliber, rifles (.460 Weatherby Mag), and shotguns of all gauges but with slugs only.

Can I shoot full auto firearms at The NRA Range?

Only semi-auto fire is permitted during public hours. If you wish to shoot full auto, you must coordinate a time to rent The NRA Range during off hours with the Range Manager.

Can I shoot Air Guns and BB Guns at The NRA Range?

Air guns and BB guns are allowed, however, we do not sell BB’s or pellets.

How should I bring my firearms into The NRA Range?

You may come to the Range with your firearms holstered or unloaded and in a case.

Ammunition FAQs

Does The NRA Range sell ammunition?

Yes! We offer the best selection of ammunition in a variety of calibers. Our pricing is highly competitive as an added benefit to our patrons. 

Can I bring my own ammunition or do I have to purchase it there?

You are welcome to bring your own ammunition or purchase it, whichever is more convenient for you.

Can I purchase ammunition at The NRA Range even if I am not shooting?

Currently, we are only allowing ammunition sales in limited quantities to those who are participating on the range.

What are the ammunition restrictions?

We do not allow steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary rounds. Also, shotguns must be fired with SLUGS only.

Equipment FAQs

Does The NRA Range rent eye and ear protection?

Eye and ear protection are available for purchase only. No loaner equipment is available at this time.

Do you have rifle benches and rifle rests?

Yes! We have rifle benches, chairs and rifle rests available at all times for our shooters to use.

Does The NRA Range have gun lockers to rent?

No, we do not have any lockers available for the public.

What types of targets can I shoot there?

You may bring your own paper targets or purchase them here. Human characteristic targets, such as zombies, hostages, etc. are NOT allowed as targets. However, basic silhouettes are acceptable, as long as they do not have arms, ears, etc. Target size restrictions are enforced as well. 

Can I shoot while drawing from a holster?

Yes! For safety we only allow strong side hip holsters to be used.

General FAQs

Can shooters under 18 use The NRA Range?

Shooters under 18 years old must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian on the first visit to complete the required paperwork and be issued a Range ID card. Once the minor has a Range ID card, they may use The NRA Range under the supervision of anyone 18 and older who also has a range card issued. The minimum age to use the Range is 7 years old and able to comprehend the written range rules.

Does The NRA Range take reservations?

We do not take reservations. All lanes are on a first come first serve basis.

How long can I rent a shooting lane?

Range time is assigned in one hour increments. If you wish to have more time, you can choose to purchase our Platinum Annual Range Membership which grants lane time in two hour increments.

Does The NRA Range offer Military Discounts?

Yes! We have a Military and Law Enforcement discounts for our Annual Range Memberships. See Range Membership details here

If I am military/law enforcement/NRA Instructor do I still have to take the Range Rules Safety Test?

Yes, each shooter wishing to use The NRA Range must complete the required paperwork. Prior experience in any field does not indicate that the shooters is readily familiar with our particular Range Rules.

Can I take the Range Rules Safety Test at home or online?

No, you must complete all paperwork on site and provide a valid photo ID with the Range ID Card application.

How long is my Range ID Card valid?

Forever! The Range ID Card doesn’t expire.

What do I need to do to be able to use The NRA Range?

All shooters must complete the required paperwork, present a valid photo ID, and either provide their own firearms or come with someone who has them.

Are there other NRA Ranges?

No! We are the only NRA Range. There are NRA affiliated Ranges around the country which can be found here

Does The NRA Range have gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards can be purchased on site in any denomination and are good toward Range Fees, ammunition, targets and all other merchandise available at The NRA Range.

Can international visitors come to use The NRA Range?

Yes, however they must bring a valid passport and come with someone who has firearms for them to use.

Can I sign up to become an NRA Member at The NRA Range?

Yes! You may sign up for NRA Memberships and renewals onsite at The NRA Range.

Does The NRA Range have Instructors on site available to teach me?

There are no on-site instructors to provide any type of firearm instruction, however there is a bulletin board with private instructors who are available to meet shooters at The NRA Range, and will offer lessons. All lessons must be coordinated between the shooter and the instructor. Range Safety Officers will be available to answer any basic questions and will be on-site to monitor safety of all shooters. 

Does The NRA Range have someone who can zero my rifle?

No. Range Safety Officers are there to monitor the safety of shooters and answer any safety related questions. 

Does The NRA Range have a Gunsmith on duty?

We do not have gunsmiths or armorers. If you are unsure if your firearm is safe to operate, please take it to a gunsmith to be checked out before coming to The NRA Range.

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